The How To Forgive e-Course CORE Curriculum

There are FOUR MODULES in this course and one BONUS section!

IN MODULE ONE: An overview of the principles of forgiveness (…so we’re all on the same page so to speak)

Lesson #1: Sheri’s Forgiveness Message

  • What it means to genuinely forgive
  • What true forgiveness really looks like
  • How will forgiveness change your life

Lesson #2: A Prelude to Forgiveness

  • What forgiveness actually is (might not be what you think)
  • The spiritual purpose of forgiveness
  • Becoming free from judgment – why this is critical

Lesson #3: Forgiveness & Compassion

  • How forgiveness will make you a more compassionate person
  • Why equanimity is the key to your freedom
  • Embracing unconditional love

Lesson #4: Practicalities of Forgiveness

  • How to end repetitive judgments of yourself and others
  • What it means to really “let go”
  • Understanding what true ignorance is

Lesson #5: How and Why We Forgive

  • When are we supposed to forgive?
  • How to transcend concepts – the root of all evil
  • Seeing how you are trapped by your own mental perspective

IN MODULE TWO: Forgive Yourself – you’ll learn how to let go of the self-judgment that are making you ill

Lesson #6: I Should Have Listened to Myself!!

  • How not trusting yourself is the perfect way to hurt yourself
  • Understanding the difference between intuition and thoughts
  • Learning to check in with your feelings

Lesson #7: I Would Never Waste my Time Judging That Idiot!

  • Becoming aware of how often we judge – ourselves and others
  • How to transcend the judgement
  • Finding your equanimity in life

Lesson #8: I’ll be Okay Once I’m Perfect.

  • Who is thinking the thoughts inside your head?
  • The true definition of perfection
  • Removing “should be” from our vocabulary

Lesson #9: My Life’s Never Going to be Right…

  • The root cause of unworthiness
  • Can a person every actually fail?
  • How your thoughts control your behaviors

Lesson #10: She’s Got an Addiction Problem, Not Me.

  • Think you’re not an addict? You might be surprised
  • How your mind works like a rutted road
  • How “not-doings” can lead to your freedom

Lesson #11: Of Course my Life’s Bad, It’s my Mother’s Fault.

  • Has TV turned us into a society of victims?
  • How guilt & shame are the best ways to keep you miserable
  • How to transcend remorse

IN MODULE THREE: Forgive Your Body – you’re not the only one to hate at least one part of your body

Lesson #12: It’s a Bad Hair Day, Good Grief I Look Like Hell!

  • What is beautiful and who decided that?
  • Getting clear and embracing your self-judgement
  • Why self-deprecation is deadly

Lesson #13: Yeah – I Work 70 Hours a Week, So What?

  • How many ways do you abuse yourself? Shocking!
  • Why you cannot trust your mind to care for your body
  • Simple keys to becoming more loving to yourself

Lesson #14: I’ve Done Some Pretty Bad Things in my Life, That’s Why I’m Ill.

  • What’s the real cause of illness?
  • Is illness a curse or a source of transcendence?
  • What we can learn from our physical challenges

Lesson #15: Okay, 50 is NOT the New 30!

  • How do we face aging without hating ourselves?
  • Some poignant questions to ask yourself
  • Forgiving yourself for getting older

IN MODULE FOUR: Forgive Your Relationships – we all have ’em and we all suffer them!

Lesson #16: Why Should I Forgive my Wife When SHE Was Wrong?

  • How we can enjoy each other despite multiple points of view
  • The critical list of issues to forgive in any relationship
  • A powerful exercise to use to help your forgiveness process

Lesson #17: If You Don’t Expect Something From People They’ll do Nothing!

  • Why expectations are the root of all evil!
  • How to deepen your understanding of others behavior
  • Detaching from the need to be right

Lesson #18: Believe me, If I Knew That Would Happen, I Wouldn’t Have Done it!

  • Learning to accept the level of consciousness that people are at
  • How our programming controls our behavior
  • Recognizing unconscious vs conscious living

Lesson #19: Let me Tell You What You Were About to Say…

  • Learning to never make assumptions!
  • Being present to hear people’s words and emotions
  • Three tools for becoming a better listener

Lesson #20: I Can’t Stand When She Carries on That Way!

  • Learning not to take others emotions personally
  • Stopping the tendency to judge peoples emotional reactions
  • A tool you can use when you’re tempted to get pissed

Lesson #21: It’s ALL About me Baby.

  • The ego-mind loves to make everything about us!
  • What true generosity really is
  • Let me count the ways of selfishness – oh dear!

Lesson #22: Epilogue…

  • Some last words to warm the heart..

Some of my favorite little forgiveness videos out there that I know will make you think and question your point of view.