Fred Luskin, PhD – What Is Forgiveness?

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  1. RebeccaJoseph

    I loved the explanation of forgiveness being our resolution, of our objection, to the way we believe we should have been treated. It puts the power back into our own hands to process and create our peace in the present.

    The insight into our biological imperatives after a perceived offense, and the choice we have to respond after those biological reactions occur. Our choice can be one of consciousness or one of the ego mind, and continue with behaviors and turmoil related to our objection of the insult or perceived injustice.

    This will take some practice, especially for an infant in this kind of enlightened awareness to self and the world 🙂

    • Sheri Rosenthal

      Dear Becky,
      It is so interesting to me to see a medical perspective for forgiveness (being a doctor myself) and how we actually make ourselves sick over what we are choosing to hold on to. I never thought about it like that years ago because I simply thought I was right. So much for that illusion! And by the way, you are no infant when it comes to awareness my dear.