Getting Clarity with a Vision Walk!

Vision Walk

Brandt Morgan is an internationally known teacher of heart wisdom whose passion is helping people find the vision and courage to live their dreams. His classes, workshops, publications, and personalized coaching programs combine common sense with powerful tools from many different traditions, from Christianity to Buddhism to Toltec and Native American practices. Brandt is also a Toltec Mentor trained by don Miguel Ruiz, author of the bestselling books, The Four Agreements and The Mastery of Love.

With his strong love for native cultures and the forces of nature, he is also a certified firewalking instructor and the co-author of four books with Tom Brown, Jr. (The Tracker) on nature awareness and wilderness survival skills (Tom Brown’s Field Guides).

Several years ago, Brandt created VISION WALK, a simple meditation process inspired by the Native American vision quest that makes it possible to quickly answer questions and solve problems by accessing one’s own deep inner wisdom. VISION WALK is now available both in CD and book form.

Brandt leads Vision Walks for corporations, groups, and individuals across the country and offers coaching for those interested in the deeper meanings of this teaching. His philosophy is simple: “We are all interconnected. When we find the vision and courage to live our dreams, we inspire others to do the same. When we’re happy and fulfilled, our joy spreads out all over the globe.”

To find out more about Brandt Morgan and the: Vision Walk book or to download his Vision Walk MP3, or to visit his website:

If you would like to email Brandt feel free to or give him a ring at 951-837-8759 if you are interested in a private session (Brandt is happy to assist those folks who are having difficulty dealing with with chronic or terminal illnesses).

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  1. ChristineRodriguez

    I downloaded the Vision Walk mp3’s from Brandts site, and did it today after lunch. My question was how to I embrace and love myself fully so I dont continue to seek validation / answers outside of myself? After doing the meditation, I started to walk by the water, and all of these caution signs kept jumping out at me or grabbing my attention. I would just keep walking and wherever I looked there was some sort of Stop / Caution tape / Curb your Dog / Dont feed the Birds , etc etc sign. What came to me is how often in my life I would stop myself out of fear of disapproval, getting in trouble, getting hurt, etc, etc and how I limited myself to only what others thought of me. I have always tried to do what I thought others wanted to be loved or accepted, and I lived my life from that place of fear.

    • admin

      Fabulous Christine! What a perfect message back from the universe!