Module 1: A Forgiveness Overview
How and Why We Forgive

When you hold resentment toward another, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel. Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free.


Practicing the lesson – post your answers below!

Vision WalkHere is a powerful approach to practicing forgiveness, condensed from my friend Brandt Morgan’s book, Vision Walk: Asking Questions, Getting Answers, Shifting Consciousness:

  1. Find a quiet place where you can be alone. Sit or lie down and take a moment to relax and get centered. Breathe slowly and deeply for a few minutes.
  2. Turn off your mind and go into your heart. Imagine you are in an elevator descending and opening into your own private heart chamber, the source of all wisdom truth, and love. As you absorb the energy of this peaceful place, begin to focus on forgiveness.
  3. Silently repeat the question, “How can I forgive?” or your own variation of it. In this deeply relaxed state, repeat the question like a mantra for several minutes, until you feel like your whole being is filled with the energy of your question.
  4. Release the question to the universe. Imagine you are blowing up a big yellow balloon with your question written on the outside. Blow all the energy of your question into the balloon. When the balloon is fully inflated, tie a knot in it, hold it aloft, and let it go. Watch it float up into the sky and disappear.
  5. Open your eyes and walk, following your heart. Get up and walk silently, as though in a dream. Stay calm and attentive, open to magic and miracles. Over the next few minutes, you will see, hear, smell, touch, feel, or do something that will give you the answer to your question.

After your walk, you will probably know exactly what to do in order to forgive. You may even find that your walk was the act of forgiveness itself. If you are still not sure, recall the things that stood out for you during your walk and ask what they were trying to tell you, just like the symbols in a nighttime dream.

Here are some more possibilities: Create a ritual of forgiveness that will clean all the “negative” energy out of your body.

  1. In meditation, imagine you are talking with the person in question, sending them your forgiveness and love. Feel their gratitude for the freedom you have given them.
  2. Make a list of the things you want to forgive or write a letter of forgiveness and burn it along with prayers of thanksgiving.
  3. Find an object that represents the unforgiven person or situation—a photo, a stick, a stone, or some other symbol—and burn or bury it, or set it adrift on a river or lake.
  4. Take a walk in the woods and give your grievances to a tree.
  5. Write a song of forgiveness, or do a ritual dance of forgiveness. Whatever you do, follow your heart, and you are sure to feel like a great weight has been lifted.

Today’s Affirmation

I forgive myself and others for believing “we” are individuals, separate from Spirit and for creating a painful earthly dream of life.

To find out more about Brandt Morgan and the: Vision Walk book or to download his MP3, or to visit his website: If you would like to email Brandt feel free to or give him a ring at 951-837-8759 if you are interested in a private session.

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  1. EvelynLynch

    Sheri you talk about the war within ourselves that makes us feel unworthy,doubtful,fearful and isolated from the divine within us ,how do we know when that ” war” is happening and what do we do about it ? I can feel isolated and alone even when I am with other people and also feel like I am standing on the sideline observing what is going on but not a part of it.What do I need to say to myself when this happens? Thanks Vee

    • Sheri Rosenthal

      When we focus on and perceive from our ego-mind and believe it is us – we will always feel isolated because in essence we are. Each ego mind is separate and in fear. But the “real us,” the life force within, the big cheese running the show, never feels separate because it is not. There is only one life and we are all part of it. A drop of water cannot be separate from the whole ocean. Whether a drop of water is rain or is now in the ocean – nothing has changed except the perspective. Same with you. So you are telling me that you are choosing to see through the eyes of your ego and when you do you feel alone. So do I when I do that. So I feel it is a skill to see through your spiritual eyes. We came into the world using those eyes so we can do it again. The way to know this is happening is to simply pay attention to how you feel. You gave the answer above. When you feel alone make note and ask yourself are you enjoying the loneliness and does it feel good to victimize yourself that way? Then make a choice to see those folks with love and compassion – connect with them deeply, ask a heart-felt question that requires them to feel you how they feel. Give a hug. Send a smile. Let your juicy woman free! After all she is one of the most amazing gals I know. 🙂