Module 4: Forgive Your Relationships
Believe me, if I knew that would happen, I wouldn’t have done it!

Each of us at any time and space is doing the very best we can with what we have.


Practicing the lesson – post your answers below!

  • Ask a friend to forgive you for anything you have done or not done, based on non-awareness, that may have hurt them.
  • Identify a relationship in your life that continues to cause you pain and suffering.
    1. What do you believe about that situation?
    2. Can you see how your beliefs are perpetuating your pain and suffering?
    3. With your newfound awareness, identify the gifts you have been graced with through this situation.
    4. Forgive yourself for your non-awareness that prevented you from experiencing love.
    5. Thank the other person involved for offering you the opportunity to free yourself from self-destructive programming.
  • Think about all the male-female relationships you have had in your life. As an exercise in expanding your awareness, forgive all men for the way they have treated you as a women; forgive all women for how they have treated you as a man.

Today’s Affirmation

I forgive all beings for all actions taken based on our programming rather than on the awareness of Spirit moving through us.
Grace fills my relationships through knowing we are one, I am love and I am loved.

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