Module 4: Forgive Your Relationships
I can’t stand when she carries on that way!

Don’t hold to anger, hurt or pain. They steal your energy and keep you from love.


Practicing the lesson – post your answers below!

  • Identify someone in your life whose emotional responses you have been critical of and ask for their forgiveness for your judgments of them. Recognize that everyone is allowed to express their emotions, and we do not have to stay present if they are being disrespectful to us.
  • Forgive yourself for your past judgments of others’ emotional reactions. Remember your past judgments were based on your thinking at that time. With your current awareness you can transform your critical thinking as soon as you notice it.
  • When you see someone suffering, send love their way and thank them in your mind for giving you the opportunity to practice compassion and unconditional love. The more we strengthen this muscle the stronger it gets.

Today’s Affirmation

I forgive because I am capable of expressing compassion.
By forgiving, I release this situation from my energy field and feel clearheaded and full-hearted.
I forgive because I am able to rise to my higher self and feel lighter.
My light knows no boundaries when I forgive.
Life feels lighter when I forgive.

This beautiful affirmation is an excerpt from Charlene Proctor, PhD’s book; Let Your Goddess Grow! – 7 Spiritual Lessons on Female Power and Positive Thinking.

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