Module 2: Forgive Yourself
I should have listened to myself!!

The mind can assert anything and pretend it has proved it. My beliefs I test on my body, on my intuitional consciousness, and when I get a response there, then I accept.


Practicing the lesson – post your answers below!

  • Make a list of all the choices you have regretted in which fear-based beliefs sabotaged your intuition.

    1. Go through the list one by one and say aloud: I forgive myself for believing I made the wrong choice about: (state the item on your list).

    2. Imagine the item on your list is inside a helium balloon attached to your body by a string (your string may look like a metal cable!).

    3. Take a pair of scissors, cut the string as close to your body as possible and watch the item on your list float, up, up and away and disappear.

    4. Repeat this exercise for each item on your list. It may take more than a day! Anytime you feel regret or remorse for a choice you have made, use this technique to forgive yourself. Recognize that even if you judge those outcomes to be “bad” they are not – you learned something valuable from those choices for the future and that is the “what is.”

  • Here is an exercise to strengthen your intuition. Start using some simple choices you normally make throughout the day. For example, if you have a feeling that you want to wear red today, do so. Notice how your mind may be commenting: “People will look at you. You don’t normally dress in those colors. What will people say?” etc. You can see how the ego-mind is editing your experience of life and sabotaging your intuitive feelings. You can use this for deciding:

    1. What to wear in the morning.

    2. Whether you should date that person or not.

    3. What to order in a restaurant.

  • Jot down a list of choices you have made in which you have followed your intuition and the outcome was fabulous! Keep that list readily available. When you notice that you are questioning your intuition, take out your list as a reminder of the power of your inner knowing.

  • When you have an important choice to make, ask yourself: What is my next step regarding ____________? And – why is my mind trying to make this so complicated?

  • Listen to your intuition, pay attention to what you are feeling in your body. When you trust your inner knowing, you do not have to know what the final outcome will be; you simply follow your personal guidance system, discerning between the voice of your ego-mind and your intuition.

Today’s Affirmation

I forgive myself for the self-sabotage of ignoring and failing to honor my intuition.
My inner knowing is my personal guidance system.
My choices are based on my intuition, expressed through the wisdom of my body.

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  1. Lisa Llewellyn

    Hi Sheri,

    WOW! Did I ever have an ah ha moment today. As I was pulling in my driveway, I noticed that our next door neighbor had a SOLD sign in their front yard! I was flabbergasted as they listed the house only last week. They SOLD their property in one week!!

    Of course, this made me extremely happy for our neighbors, who are moving back to Arizona, their home state. But It triggered in me something that I couldn’t believe. I felt so much anger when I saw the sign. It triggered all of the times that I was encouraged to move to a new state with my husband, each time he got promoted. It triggered all of the resentment I felt when I had to take a job paying less with each move, while he kept climbing the ladder. It triggered all of the times that we lost money on selling our homes, and on and on and on. I could hardly believe all of that was just oozing out of my being. I thought that I was in a good place with all of the “life experiences” that I had learned from these situations, and I truly thought I had released the anger and forgiven both of us. And BOOM, it reared it’s ugly head.

    I guess I am sharing this because I really thought I released a lot of my stuff, and now I realize I haven’t. Today, my husband and I are in counseling and trying to look at where we are as a couple. The forgiveness piece for me it appears is much bigger than I thought, and I clearly need to do some work so that I can determine what is next.

    Just wanted to say thank you for giving us a safe place to study, learn and grow.
    And OUCH! I guess I am not quite as evolved in this process as I thought! LOL

    With Love, Lisa

    • Sheri Rosenthal

      Dear Lisa,
      OMG! I got chills reading your post. I totally get it and I am soooooooo happy for you having this realization. We all know that you cannot address what you are not aware of. Now that you know this – you can have a clear and calm discussion with your husband about all the feelings you have had over the years and see where this takes you. Of course you cannot change the past – but you can sure change the future. Maybe this requires a “what are we going to do to honor Lisa’s perspective” conversation? So many times as women we defer to a husband because they are the “bread-winner” and then feel resentful because our needs, dreams and desires are not being addressed. In essence you have put your dreams on deferment for his. Now what?

      One exercise that has always helped me is this one. Pretend that it is only you in your life and you could do anything you wanted. Now in your journal describe the most wonderful dream of life you could imagine (don’t worry about anything – just write it). Where would you be living? What would you be doing? What is your life work? Who are your friends? What fun things do you do each day? Where do you travel? What ways are you in service to the world? Now look at your current life. How can it change to match your special dream? What things do not align and why? Could some of them be made to align or would you have to compromise them to be in your current situation? If you compromise will you always feel resentful because you are giving up TOO MUCH?

      Also close your eyes and get yourself in a relaxed and meditative state. Bring up an image of your husband and look at him (no thinking in this exercise – only looking and feeling as if you were watching a movie). Do you still love and adore this man? Are you still physically attracted to him? Does he still make your heart sing (if you remove the resentments)? This will help you feel into your feelings about him rather than your “thinkings” about him.

      Good luck Lisa – I am proud of you for being in therapy and getting clarity. You are an awesome woman! 🙂