Module 1: A Forgiveness Overview
Forgiveness and Compassion

Be compassionate as your Father is compassionate. Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive and you will be forgiven.

~ LUKE 6:36-7

Practicing the lesson – post your answers below!

Take one compassionate action each day towards someone who is suffering whether it is:

  1. Giving up your seat on the train to someone who is unwell.
  2. Allowing someone to go ahead of you in line who is annoyed.
  3. Bringing dinner to a sick friend.
  4. Walking your elderly neighbor’s dog.
  5. Giving a donation of money to someone you normally would not give to.

Today’s Affirmation

I forgive myself for my self-importance and my need to make myself better than others.
I am compassionate with myself and others, regardless of the circumstances.

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  1. Esther

    Yes Sheri- Thank you!!! xo

  2. Esther

    I had to read your response a few times but I think I get it now….looking at them with an open heart in compassion…,non- judgement. Correct?

    • Sheri Rosenthal

      True – just looking with an open heart at others knowing you were like that not too long ago is compassionate. I am sure there is someone “ahead” of both of us looking at us with compassion knowing we all could have even more awareness. Non-awareness is not bad – it is simply a state of being. I am not judging where I am in my path and I don’t want to judge others where they are. But if you asked me – do I have the awareness level of Buddha or Jesus I would have to say truthfully not yet. So what. It is what it is. We are all where we are. But we can be truthful about where we are. Me saying that a man who beats his wife is ignorant and suffering is truth. Me saying the guy is a raging moron is not. That is a judgement. Does that make it clearer?

  3. Esther

    “I feel the key is to see these people as sick and suffering in ignorance of their true nature and purpose.” When I read this it feels like I’m judging them. If I believe that they are ignorant to understand that we are all one, of the same spark, how is this not judging? I don’t know how to look at the situation from an open heart. No matter how I try with my emotional mind I keep coming back to me judging them for not having the knowledge that I do. Help! 🙂

    • Sheri Rosenthal

      Great question Esther! Okay it either is or is not. If someone is not kind or respectful of others or even not aware – they are not living fulling in the now and in the awareness of the divinity of others. That is neither good nor bad. I think the issue is that you are seeing that as a “bad” thing. It is not. It simply is what it is. We are non-aware until we are aware. So now let’s remove all of your judgment that living in non-awareness is bad and tell me what is left? xoxoxooxox

  4. RebeccaJoseph

    Ok, I have just watched the video 2 times. I have felt myself to be a compassionate person, but the point you make about being compassionate to those I choose IS EASY…and as I ponder that, you are right. On the other hand, to be compassionate toward suicide bombers, abusers, etc. seems a bit more difficult! So….I am thinking, the point made about the ego mind and it’s role in our choice to whom to show compassion, needs to be set aside. I must look at each being as a creation of source (God),NOT their actions in life, rather, show the PERSON compassion from the light that is within.

    Now, what do you do with your emotional reaction to the suffering caused by the actions of this person. Such as the bomber, abuser, etc. how do we show compassion or forgive that?

    • Sheri Rosenthal

      Are we talking about compassion or empathy? Compassion is the observation that someone is suffering and the desire to end the suffering. Empathy is the intellectual identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another. One is helpful, the other is not. I feel the key is to see these people as sick and suffering in ignorance of their true nature and purpose. That allows my heart to open to them and the ones suffering as a result of their actions. If I look at the suicide bomber as an idiot I will feel justified in my hate and anger. But he/she is not an idiot. They simply believe in things that are not truth and those false beliefs are compelling that person to take harmful actions. Does that make sense Becky?