Module 3: Forgive Your Body
Okay, 50 is NOT the new 30!

You only hurt yourself when you’re not expanding and growing. Many people can’t stand the thought of aging, but it’s the crystallized thought patterns and inflexible mind-sets that age people before their time. You can break through and challenge your crystallized patterns and mind-sets. That’s what evolution and the expansion of love are really about.


Practicing the Lesson – post your answers below!

  • Make a list of your judgments, criticisms and complaints about aging. Then forgive yourself for believing those thoughts.
  • Write a story that demonstrates the gifts of aging, a life unfolding – like the one in our lesson. Read your story aloud to at least one person.
  • Have a conversation with an elder and ask him/her to share with you the wisdom they have learned though their life.

Today’s Affirmation

I forgive myself for all beliefs I have had, currently have, or may have in the future that dishonor the natural process of aging and unfolding.
I celebrate the gifts of aging.

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  1. Lisa Llewellyn

    Very timely since I am turning 50 this week!! : ))

    • Sheri Rosenthal

      Dear Lisa,
      A most wonderful happy birthday to you! So you’ll be 50 going on eternally stunning. xoxoxooxSheri